Special offer wedding favours

Regular price £110.00

100 macarons for £110

Any 3 colours and 3 flavours. 

Offer valid for any event taking place in 2018.

Free delivery 😀

Request a custom order to arrive when you need it 😊

This offer is available only in February! 

(8 x 100 Macarons available)

*Our macarons are around 3-4cm diameter and come in special packaging to keep them safe from damaging when we post them.

*Gluten free!!

*Not suitable for customers with a nuts/dairy allergy or intolerance.

*Royal mail special delivery within 3-5 days or on the requested date.

*Shelf life** up to 5-7 days in the fridge or 2 days at room temperature.

*Over 15 years experience in patisserie and cake design