Lemon macarons box of 12

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Majestic Macarons make the perfect gift box or wedding favours.

12 luxury treats lemon flavour.

We are one of the very few businesses in Wales that makes Authentic French macarons and we can personalize your macarons with letters, specific colours, edible prints of an image or dust them with gold/silver powder.

The options are endless. You tell us what you'd like and we can make you amazing delicious macarons for either DIY favours, DIY dessert table or DIY Macarons tower.

*Our macarons are around 3-4cm diameter and come in special packaging to keep safe when we post them. However, due to their fragile nature some breakage may occur during transport.

*Pick your favorite colours

*Pick your favorite flavours

*Gluten free

*We take around 3-5 business days to make your order depending on numbers.

*Royal mail next day delivery

*Delicious, homemade french macarons to impress your guests

*Over 15 years experience in patisserie and cake design