Mint Green French Macarons

Regular price £255.00

220 macarons in mint green.


110 macarons will have added silver

Colours: Mint Green 

Flavours : Vanilla and Chocolate Mint - white filling (chocolate mint might contains small bits if chocolate. Hope that’s ok!)

*Our macarons are around 3-4cm diameter and come in special packaging to keep them safe from damaging when we post them. 

*Gluten free!!

*Not suitable for customers with a nuts/dairy allergy or intolerance.

*Royal mail special delivery on the requested date either 27th or 28th of June. 

*Shelf life** up to 5-7 days in the fridge or 2 days at room temperature.

*Over 15 years experience in patisserie and cake design


Materials: natural flavourings,food colouring,sugar,butter,almonds,eggs